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4 Port VGA USB KVM Switch


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TK-407K (v1.3R) | 4 Port VGA USB Desktop KVM Switch with Cables - TRENDnet Networking Products

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The TRENDnet 4-Port USB KVM Switch TK-407K lets you manage four PCs with just one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Switch between four PCs with a simple press of a button.

Separate sets of 1.2M KVM cables are included with the KVM Switch, so users can start controlling 4 PCs instantly. The KVM cables also provide power to the KVM Switch, eliminating the need for a power adapter. 

Hot Key operations provide immediate access to features such as computer switching, and auto-scanning. With its Hot-Plug, and Audible Feedback, the 4-Port USB KVM Switch is the perfect choice for managing multiple PCs.

  • Version: V1.3R
  • 4-Port USB KVM Switch
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse emulation 
  • Includes: 4 sets of 1.2M detachable KVM Cables
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse, Optical Mouse, Logitech NetMouse and more
  • Compliant with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • High Video Quality, up to 2048 x 1536 VGA resolution
  • Multi-Platform support for PCs, Macintosh G3/G4, iMac and Mac Mini
  • Auto-Scan and LED display for PCs monitoring
  • Computer selection by front panel push buttons, keyboard hot key commands or Windows-based client switching software*
  • User definable Hot-Key (Windows Only)
  • Plug & play and Hot-Pluggable
  • USB Interface Power method

* Please Click Here to download the KVM switching software 

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TK-407K 4-Port USB Desktop KVM Switch with Cables - Trendnet

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