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IP66 Weather Rated Outdoor Camera Enclosure TV-H100

IP66 Weather Rated Outdoor Camera Enclosure


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TV-H100 (v1.0R) | IP66 Weather Rated Outdoor Camera Enclosure - TRENDnet Networking Products

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The TRENDnet Outdoor Camera Enclosure TV-H100 protects TRENDnet's Internet security cameras from extreme weather conditions with an IP66 weather rating.

The Outdoor Camera Enclosure is designed for use with compatible TRENDnet Internet security cameras. Use this enclosure to extend your surveillance needs and protect what you value most.

Mount the camera on most surfaces with included mounting kit. Set the enclosure's final fixed position by adjusting the enclosure to capture the desired viewing field. A rugged aluminum visor design minimizes reflective solar glare and protects the camera enclosure in extreme conditions.

Supported Cameras TV-IP110, TV-IP110W, TV-IP212, TV-IP212W, TV-IP312, TV-IP312W, TV-IP110WN, TV-IP121WN, TV-IP312WN

  • Version: 1.0R
  • Robust construction design provides a cost-effective solution for protecting your TRENDnet Network Camera from the rigors of outdoor use
  • Adjustable mounting kit can secure the enclosure to a vertical or horizontal surface
  • All aluminum construction with IP-66 weather rating
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TV-H100 Outdoor Camera Enclosure

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